In November 2OO8 I completed an Advanced Diploma of Live Production (Sound) at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). At WAAPA I learnt the rudiments of live and recorded sound for all media. From this course grew my passion for music recording whilst involving myself in many extra curricular recording projects. 

During my third year of studies I began cutting my teeth mixing bands in bars in the North Fremantle area. The bands that frequented these venues are among the best in Western Australia. From Blue Shady to Dilip n’ the Davs, Stereoflower, Kid Nitro and the Harlow Experiments. 

In early 2OO9 I moved to Melbourne and really started to find my feet. I am currently second engineer to Craig Pilkington at Audrey Studios in Coburg, one of Melbourne’s finest recording studios. I also mix FOH for the following bands in venues throughout Melbourne:

The Little Stevies

Anna Smyrk and the Appetites

The Holy Sea

Ducks in the Mud

In 2015 I began working for Moon Mother Productions under the leadership of Jenny Moon, which has further promoted my growth and skill as a FOH mix engineer.

Some artists I have been fortunate enough to mix at various festivals and venues in Melbourne include: Archie Roach, Kate Ceberano, Paul Kelly, Bob Evans (aka Kevin Mitchell), Emma Donovan and the Putbacks, The Bad Plus(USA), Richard Bona Quintet (USA/Cameroon), Anthony Callia, Kutcha Edwards, Coloured Stone, Book of Ships, Barb Waters, Chris Altmann, Karl Smith, Beachfield (aka Glenn Thompson), and 19th Century Strongmen.

I count myself lucky to enjoy the work that I do on a daily basis and am endlessly inspired by the people I work with.

All graphics on this website are of my own design and finish. 
‘988’ pays homage to a renowned (and sadly former) manufacturer of Magnetic Audio Tape.
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